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COVID-19! What can you do to keep productivity and protect your business?

SAP HOTEL - your SAP in reliable hands

The growing complexity of IT systems, the critical dependence of businesses on the introduction of ERP and the dynamic labor market are real challenges for many modern companies.

Managed Print Services - MPS

Provide control, security and peace of mind, save money with our MPS / DMS services.

SAP ERP - business management software

Make your data work for you. The invaluable analytical information needed by the right people at the right time to make the right decisions.

In the Cloud

Rapidly deliver IT services, respond to changing business conditions and use applications that give you market advantages with our portfolio of enterprise-class cloud products, services and solutions offering the highest levels of security, scalability, performance and productivity.

Protect Your Organization

Proactively secure communication between users, applications and data from any device, wherever you are. The world is a dangerous place for business, unprepared for the challenges.

Master the Power of Data

Having a huge amount of data is not enough to effectively manage your organization. Generate real-time business insights and analysis of the data that matter, taking advantage of our business consulting services.

Productive Workplace

Provide flexible, mobile working environment that allows powerful capabilities to realize the full potential of your customers, employees and partners to create better business results.

STEMO is a market leader in information and communication technologies


We know that we have achieved and retained this success due to the trust of our customers and partners. Therefore professionalism and goodwill are binding on us.
The biggest recognition for our efforts is when OUR CUSTOMERS BECOME OUR FRIENDS!




IT market leader in Bulgaria
with many years of experience 

Our Customers

Over 10 000 customers
every year


Quality Management

Quality, reliability,
certified systems

Successful Projects

Proven track record
of many successful projects

Our Services

Software Services

Software development and integration of leading software technologies

SAP ERP & Business Services

The SAP and business consultants of STEMO help you adapt and transform your business practice to respond to the new customer requirements and changes in market conditions.

Managed Services

Lower costs with improved reliability, operability, and security.

Support Services

Proper maintenance of the IT infrastructure according to the needs and budget of your organization.

Latest News


A1 finalized the deal for the acquisition of STEMO

Press release of A1 in connection with the completion of the acquisition of STEMO


STEMO signed a contract with Maxcom

STEMO signed an agreement with Maxcom


STEMO confirmed its SAP GOLD Partner status

STEMO confirmed its SAP GOLD Partner status for another year



In 2021, on the occasion of the anniversary of STEMO, we organized an afforestation campaign entitled GROWING TOGETHERI and we made a commitment to afforest 30 decares with new forest plantations in different places in Bulgaria.

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